Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My best holiday memories

We went skiing with my family to Austria this March.
I love skiing very much. Alma, Kamó and Bibó love skiing too.

The best thing this year was that we skied a lot and the weather was sunny.

The most interesting thing this year was the sky toilet. The toilet was on the top of the mountain. You can see out of the window, but people can't see you. It was really funny :-)

What about your holiday?


  1. Életem egyik legjobb alkalma volt, amikor megtanultam síelni.

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  3. Hi Peti,

    I'm glad your best winter holiday was when you learnt how to ski.

    I learnt how to ski when I was 24.

    I learnt how to drive a car when I was 31.

    I learnt how to write a blog when I was 40 :-)

    See you next week!